We have been servicing the Eastern Region since the early part of 2010!! We take pride in our service to the customer, which is why we provide the best quality of service at the fairest price that can be found within the Eastern Region. Our customers will tell you themselves, that we take care of our customers because we care for our customers. Our company does not follow a corporate structure. We follow and support small business structure and free market because that's who we are and that's who we & people can trust is going to look out for them as well as their long term goals and security. 


​Serving The Mid Atlantic Region Since 2010!!!

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Super Techs has the best deals on new/recertified computers as well as on-site and in-shop services that our competitors

,well not so much competitors, but other service providers just can't beat. Just check out our service rates for yourself!! We even build custom desktops & servers for all of your business, media, gaming & backup requirements!! We're locally owned and operated in Millsboro, DE and offer on-site services to all commercial, residential & govt. facilities within a 120 mile radius of our shop, throughout the Eastern Region!!

What we do?

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OUR TECHnicians

Our team consists of those trained in the best standards and procedures in the IT field. All techs have obtained at least 10 years experience and knowledge in the IT field, some dating back to the era of Windows 95. All of our technicians adhere to the highest standards of customer service & quality, as well as troubleshooting & solutions; because we realize it's not the computer or equipment were working with. We're working with YOU and YOU deserve the best quality & service on your systems at the most reasonable prices available.
Why Choose Us?

Our services and experiences range from all types of residential, commercial & government computer repair, virus removal, software, troubleshooting, laptop/desktop services, mobile device service, copier service, server deployment, surveillance systems, PC training, data recovery/transfer, home theater, wired/wireless networks, cabling termination, local area network integrations, Point of sale, mobile broadband, audio systems, on-site services, website development, audio & visual service, high graphic 

capable systems, new & recertified laptops, desktops, tablets and much more.